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Designer Christmas Cards at Costco Prices

If you are looking for an affordable yet unique Christmas card design, check out the Spark Collective.
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They have 2 options: cards you print yourself (like at Costco) or cards they print for you.

If you choose to print the cards yourself, you simply select a design and send them a photo. Then for $12, they e-mail you your Christmas card and you link the jpeg file to a blank Costco card.

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I usually print my cards through Costco because it is the best deal in town. However, I am always a little bummed to see my same Costco card design repeated at least 5 times by friends and family who liked the same design I did. I like the option to choose something unique from the Spark Collective and still get it for a screaming Costco deal.

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Another great reason to order through the Spark Collective is all the proceeds for Christmas cards are being donated towards a service project for kids at the Primary Children’s Hospital. Jayne Swallow, owner of the Spark Collective, has created a coloring book just for children who are sick and spending Christmas away from home. (That tells you something about Jayne doesn’t it?) Jayne asked my daughter to write the text for the coloring book because she is all about making this service project something that can make lots of people feel good.

And this includes me. It’s the start of November and I’m ordering my Christmas cards. It’s not exactly August, but it still feels pretty good.