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Design Elite Making Your Dreams Come True – Event Planning

I headed down to the South Towne Expo last weekend.
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A friend asked me to shoot her wedding and and since I don’t often do weddings I thought I’d head down and take a peek. And you know what I found about Bridal Fairs? They are really Disneylands for big girls. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting married, are married, or have no intention of ever tying the knot, you’re still going to enjoy it. Dresses, tiaras, twinkling lights, delicious food, beautiful decor, photographers who can make you look like a movie star from your childhood dreams and a touch of magic in the air (which is really just all the ladies gasping, oohing , awing and drooling).

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I’m thinking it would be great to renew my vows just to have a better party the second time around.A new dress, better pictures, a fantasy location, not all of my relatives…dreamy.  One booth in particular just took my breath away. When I stepped inside, I really thought, “I feel like Cinderella.”  Design Elite offers full service event planning. Lorna Reid, the owner travels the U.S. to cater to an elite clientele who  she helps make their dreams come true.  This is the kind of information I keep filed away so when someone says, “You know what I’m looking for…” So if you’re looking for amazing event planners look no more.

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Everything about their display said, “Oprah would hire us.”  Their  flower display was truly exquisite. Although they mainly do weddings, they also accept commissions for other types of events. Lorna and her partner, Michelle Liddiard are obviously professionals at the top of  their game. So if you have a fabulous event you’re planning , now you know where to get the best in the market. And as a favor, you can remember to invite me. I may not know you or anyone else, but I promise I would thoroughly enjoy myself.



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