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Crochet Meetups with San Francisco CGOA

One of the best things that you can do as a crafter is to join a local group of other crafters.
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This will help you gain new skills in your craft that you wouldn’t pick up from a book or a blog post on the topic. More importantly, this type of group offers camaraderie and in many cases even terrific social support. If you’re located in the San Francisco Bay Area then the first place you might want to try for a good crochet group is the local chapter of the CGOA.

What is the CGOA?

The CGOA is the Crochet Guild of America, a professional organization for people who crochet. However, you don’t have to be a member of the professional organization to be able to join the meetings of the group’s San Francisco chapter. People who attend more than a few meetings are encouraged to go ahead and join the CGOA (it costs about $35 per year and includes a membership to a great crochet magazine) but it’s not a requirement.

Monthly Crochet Meetings

The San Francisco chapter of the CGOA holds monthly meetings on the second Sunday of each month from noon until three. They are usually located at the YMCA in the SoMA. You can bring anything that you want to crochet since everyone crochets during the meetings. It’s a place to just gather together with other crafters. It’s a nice social escape, a great way to commit some regular time to your crochet work and a fun way to meet new people. Usually there’s someone who can help you if you’re stuck on a project. All skill levels are welcome and there’s no cost to attend the meetings.

What You’ll Get Out Of It

There are many benefits to joining a crochet group. Some of the leading benefits are:

  • Support for your crafting work, which you may not get anywhere else in your life
  • Encouragement to express yourself through your crafting
  • A place to go once a month to talk with people in a setting that eases any social awkwardness
  • Tips on the best local yarn stores and crochet events

But you get even more than that with this group because the SF Chapter of the CGOA also holds many other events in addition to their monthly crochet meetings.

Some Other SF CGOA Events

In addition to the group’s monthly meetings, there are many other things on the SF CGOA’s events calendar. They include:

  • A charity knitting and crochet program that encourages you to meet with others to craft for a good cause
  • Crochet-a-longs so everyone’s working on the same thing at the same time
  • CGOA chapter meetings for people who do decide to join the larger organization
  • Other meetups around the Bay Area; for example, there’s a monthly meetup in San Jose

Try it out! If it turns out that this isn’t the right crochet group for you, there are other options to consider but this is definitely a great place to start!