Creative Christmas :: Packaging

Creative Christmas :: Packaging
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It’s time to finish out the Creative Christmas series and what better way than to talk about packaging those wonderful gifts!  I like gifts not only to look good on the inside but the outside as well.  Sure wrapping paper comes in so many colors and patterns, but sometimes you have gifts that just don’t wrap well.  Know what I mean?  Take a look at some packaging ideas I’ve recently found while perusing the internet.

Candy Wrapper Buckets – I love this because you’re re-purposing what would otherwise be trash!  Pick the right candy and you could easily turn it into festive Christmas colors to hold any gift!

Chalkboard Jar – I love jars and chalkboard paint!  These would pair so well with a new set of colored pencils, markers, or crayons!  You could also make these for a food gift!

5 Minute Bread Bag – I recently made these, and they literally are a 5 minute project. They’re perfect for holding bread, cookies, or other homemade goodies!

Folding Grocery Bag – I love this tutorial for a folding grocery bag.  Chelsea of Yarn Geek shows how to fold it up so small that it makes a perfect size to hold a gift card and they get a bag, too!

Felt Bag – I LOVE the look of this felt bag from Lark Crafts!

Pom Poms – Feeling like you just want to wrap a gift and be done with it?  Add some pom poms to spruce it up!  For other packaging ideas using yarn, see More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  She has some great ideas!

{Side note:  In my total spaciness of the season, I forgot to include a great food gifting idea in my Creative Christmas :: Food Gifting post!  Go here to see a recipe of Aztecahot chocolate mix, a spicy concoction that makes for a very different version of this favorite drink!}

This post is part of the Creative Christmas series.  Other posts in this series include Ornaments, Stocking Stuffers, Gifting, and Food Gifting.

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