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Conversation Heart Wreath – Easy Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids!

We had 4 snow/ice days, count them, 4 snow/ice days in Dallas last week.
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That meant I had to find fun things for my kids to do pronto! Off I went browsing to my usual go to kids craft sites: and, where I found a really cute and easy Valentine’s Day project for my twins: a paper conversation heart wreath.Read: Busy little hands for at least 30 minutes – Yay!

While we enjoyed our bonus vacation from school, I found myself a little short in the craft supplies department, so I had to improvise. I managed to trim down the original instructions to regular sized paper plates, construction paper, Elmer’s school glue, and of course, scissors.

We cut out wreath shaped circles from the paper plates. My kids drew hearts on construction paper that we cut out using pinking shears as well as regular, straight edged scissors to vary the look of the hearts.

A typical little boy, my son created a minimalistic wreath, while my daughter’s craft was closer to the original in the overall look. Cute, cute, cute – in this mama’s humble opinion!

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These whimsical art pieces are currently hanging off our mantle and add just the right touch of Valentine’s Day festiveness to the den! Hope your kids have as much fun with this project as mine did.