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Clear Your DVR for the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas 2018

Hallmark is releasing 22 Christmas movies in 2018. See the schedule here and learn why you should watch with your family
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I have what some may call an unhealthy obsession with Hallmark Christmas movies. And to be honest, I’m actually proud of it. When Hallmark announced a few months ago that they would be releasing 22 new Christmas movies this year, I had several friends text me to make sure I’d heard the good news.

UPDATE: 2020 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule Released!

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Now Hallmark has officially released the schedule for their Countdown to Christmas, and I’m already clearing space on the DVR in anticipation. I’m especially looking forward to “Road to Christmas” with Chad Michael Murray. Where has he been hiding the last few years? “It’s Christmas, Eve” with LeAnn Rimes also looks cute. And I can’t forget the “When Calls the Heart” Christmas special. (If you haven’t seen the “When Calls the Heart” series, you should check it out on Netflix.)

Here is the full schedule of new movies:

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If you’ve never seen a Hallmark Christmas movie, or if you’re a naysayer who thinks they are too cheesy or predictable, let me start by saying, “Shame on you.” If you promise to change your ways, I promise to forget this oversight on your part and remain friends. Now please take note, while I detail the finer points of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

  1. Christmas—There’s just something about a story set around Christmastime that automatically makes it magical. The snow, the spirit of giving and love (If you want a good giggle, watch these movies while thinking about how most of them were actually filmed in the dead of summer.)
  2. A Love Story—Sure, you can see the storyline coming from a mile away, but it’s still amazing. The story usually unfolds in one of a few different ways. The two people might start out hating each other, have sworn off dating, are divorced, widowed, or unfailingly married to their job, or one or both are in a relationship with someone else. Still, through the course of the movie and the magic of Christmas, they manage to fall madly in love with each other.
  3. Good Casting—Say what you will, but Hallmark has really stepped up its game in the casting department. I always joke that they recycle their stars in every show, and it’s kind of true. But the fact is, they find good actors who do a solid job of embodying and conveying their message, and they are loyal to them.
  4. Wholesome Predictability—It’s true, from the opening credits, you more or less know where they story is going, but you also know where it’s not going to go. Each movie is one you can watch with your entire family without worrying about the content. They all carry a solid moral, and each promotes being kind and helping people. They just make you feel good, and what’s not to love about that?

If 22 new Christmas movies isn’t enough for you, the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel is releasing 14 new movies this year. Plus, both channels will be running plenty of the movies from past years.

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Basically, with food and grocery delivery, I can’t think of a single reason to put on real clothes or leave the house from Halloween until the New Year.


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