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Cinemark Summer Movie Deal

Are you one of those moms that avoid the movie theater at all costs because of the price?

Have fun this summer without breaking the bank with this Cinemark summer movie deal.

For just $5 per person, you get to see ten movies on the big screen with your kids! Each theater has their own schedule, so make sure to find the theater nearest you. You can purchase tickets by going to the box office of your choice.

We love going to the Cinemark in Jordan Landing, and their schedule is as follows:

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Summer Bingo

We had so many people comment that they loved our Winter Bingo, that we decided to create a Summer Bingo.

Les Miserables Movie Review

Les Miserables Movie Review

Without overstating it, let me just say that this is the best movie I have seen in my entire life. If there is one movie you see in the theater this year, let this be it.