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Christmas Snowman Drawing Game

One of our advent drawer activities last year was the Mystery Drawing Game.
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Everyone had a blank piece of paper and a writing utensil.  The fun part of this game is having everyone keep their eyes closed from when the directions are read until they are done drawing.  We called it the Mystery Drawing Game, so they wouldn’t know what they were trying to draw right away.

After everyone closed their eyes, I read these instructions; giving them time to complete each step before I went on to the next step.

“Draw three circles on top of each other, starting with a small circle at the top and getting bigger each time.”

“Draw three buttons down the middle of the middle circle.”

“Draw two eyes, a carrot nose and a mouth on the top circle.”

“Add a hat.”

“Add to stick arms and hands to either side of the middle circle.”

“Draw a broom in one of the stick hands.”

I wanted to play too, so I’d read the instructions, close my eyes and work on my own.  I was worried that I would have an unfair advantage because I knew from the beginning we were trying to draw a snowman, but mine turned out just as silly as everyone else’s pictures.

It was so much fun, everyone wanted to do it again!  The game could easily be modified to draw Santa or a simple reindeer as long as the steps were uncomplicated and there weren’t too many of them.

Try this fun game the next time you have a few minutes to enjoy your family!