Christmas Lights at Layton City Park

Christmas Lights at Layton City Park
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My daughter is almost 3 and this holiday season is the first that she’s really started to “get it.”  Taking a quick drive in the evening with the express purpose of eating cookies and checking out Christmas lights has become a big hit around here.

We live close enough to Layton that we’ve made a habit of hopping in the car after dinner (cookies firmly clutched in hand) to take a drive through the Christmas light display at Layton Commons Park.

We see lots of families walking through the lights, all bundled up and enjoying the music that is piped through the park. When my kiddo is older, we’ll give that a try, but for now we’re cool with jammies and cookies in the car.

If you’d like to go extra festive, the Burger Stop(located just outside the park) organizes Hayrides through the light display on Friday’s and Saturday’s in December (except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). The hours are 6-9p and the cost is $2 for Adults, $1 for Kids and FREE for 5 and under.

As much as I delight in our visits to Layton park, I do want to make the disclaimer that these are not the Lights at Temple Square, okay? This is a charming, hometown display that makes us happy as clams as we get a quick dose of pretty lights…and isn’t that what the Happy Holidays are all about? 🙂

*Sidenote: the breakfast burritos at Burger Stop. AWESOME.