Christmas Fingerprint Art

The month of December is flying by!
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Besides spending our time shopping and eating, we also try to fill each day with a Christmas activity as dictated by our advent drawers.  Last week, we opened a drawer that directed us to try our hand (or fingers, as the case may be) at Christmas Fingerprint Art.

Earlier in the day, I made a sample sheet of things the family could make with their fingers, stamp pads and a piece of paper.  You could also use paints instead of ink pads.  There are some great ideas over at Squidoo.

I started them off with ideas like a snowman, a wreath, a reindeer (two styles), a Christmas tree, a stocking, holly and Christmas lights.  With this primer, the kiddos came up with ornaments, a candy cane, mistletoe, a chestnut, stars, a fireplace, and a bag of toys for Santa’s sleigh.

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I thought these would make great gift tags, but most came out to be works of art to hang on a window.  One kiddo recreated her favorite frame from a recent Garfield comic.  Another made an elaborate fireplace scene, with a detailed screen and stray sparks.  I stuck to a traditional scene of the reindeer and Santa’s sleigh up on the rooftop.

We had a blast and were entertained for a good 20 minutes or more.  (What can I say, we are easily entertained!)  It’s the little things like putting aside chores to spend a few minutes getting my hands dirty, to be a kid again that really keeps me focused on the family part of Christmas. 

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