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Celebrate National Breast Cancer Month by Rocking the Pink

Pink is the color of the month, with a vibrant message of awareness, courage, honor and hope.
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Though I have not been directly affected by breast cancer, as the second leading cause of death in women, it has certainly affected those around me in countless ways, including friends’ moms, fellow bloggers, and even former high school classmates.

Among the women I know who have been affected by breast cancer is former attorney turned singer-songwriter, Laura Roppé, who recently turned her triumphant story of battling breast cancer into a memoir called Rocking the Pink: Finding Myself on the Other Side of Cancer.

Having known Laura since high school, it was quite meaningful for me to read her story as I could envision many of the people and places she mentions in the book. But even if this is your first introduction to this dynamite lady, you will still find Rocking the Pink to be a witty, inspirational look into not only her battle with breast cancer, but also her journey of finding herself and her true life’s passion through hardship and introspection. “Sometimes you have to be broken wide open to embrace your inner rock star.”

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From her hilarious account of landing a speaking part in The Doors movie to the her emotional encounter with her breast cancer pen pal, this book will make you laugh, cry, and go chase your wildest dreams.

Rocking the Pink can be purchased on or To learn more about Laura, check out her website.

A few months ago, I interviewed Laura for my personal blog, the Mama Mary Show, so be sure to read that too, for her honest accounts of dealing with the annoying things people said during her treatments and how she talked to her kids about her diagnosis. Thank you, Laura, for your courage and inspiration. Keep on rockin’ it, girl!

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