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Bunny Apron

I’m a bit of a sucker for aprons.
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I love to cook, and bake, so adding a little something pretty, and practical, makes me smile. My daughters love to help in the kitchen, and they love aprons too.

A couple Easters ago, I purchased a bunny apron for each of my daughters from Pier 1. I love Pier 1. They have such fun, and unique items in the store. I have found gorgeous scarfs, jewelry, and aprons that I adore.

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I was excited this year to find that Pier 1 brought back the adorable bunny apron. This year, I’m going to buy one for myself, so we can all match together.

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Last year we let the girls wear their bunny aprons to the community Easter Egg Hunt. I thought they looked adorable. I love the detail with the bunny tails.

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The bunny apron is on sale, and you can either order them online, or check if they have them in stock with a click of your mouse.

I can’t wait to wear our bunny aprons together as we create a feast in our kitchen.



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