Bringing Classical Music to the Top of the Playlist

I just ordered my tickets for the “Mini-Magic Flute” performance at Abravenal Hall this Saturday morning.
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It is part Utah Symphony’s Kid Series and we can’t wait.

We’ve been big fans of “The Magic Flute” for years thanks to “A Journey Through the Magic Flute” CD from Classical Kids. It’s one of the best $14.00 I ever spent. The kids asked to listen to it so often in the car, I pretended I couldn’t find it for awhile just for a little break. The Classical Kids version tells Mozart’s “Magic Flute” in an audio-book style that brings the opera to life. We’ve never seen a live performance of this, and I think the “mini” version will be just perfect.

Other hits from the Classical Kids series include “Beethoven Lives Upstairs” and “Mr. Bach Comes to Call.” I notice several that we don’t have (but I want) like “Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery” and “Tchaikovskey Discovers America.”

While I’m on the topic, if you haven’t heard about the “Beethoven’s Wig Sing Along Symphonies” just take a second to click and listen to a sample. These CD’s are, in my opinion, required family listening. By far, they’re the most fun way I know to introduce children’s ears to the great masters. They both educate and make everyone listening in the car with you start giggling.  (I just checked The Salt Lake County Library site.  They have lots of copies waiting to be checked out.)

Finally, a vital side note: If you have little ones, getting them hooked on CD’s like this is easy.  Just tell them you have the best surprise ever and pop it in.  If this is what they grow up doing, you won’t have to convince them later.

If you have older ones, I recommend not asking.  Our kids are bombarded by plenty of pop-culture. As moms it is important we take the initiative to introduce them to other beautiful things. If you say, “Would you rather listen to Radio Disney or ‘Mr. Bach Comes to Call’?” I’ll give you one guess what they’ll say. Instead, have it playing when you are driving the car pool. Put it on in the kitchen while everyone is cleaning up dinner. Add it to their i-Pod playlist. I guarantee you they’ll ask, “What is this?” and turn up the volume. I wasn’t kidding when I said I had to hide “The Magic Flute” for awhile.

Trust me. These CD’s are favorites waiting to be discovered.