Bright Ideas For Kids This Summer From TXU Energy

Summer break seems like it can’t come fast enough.
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Ironically, though, it seems that parents can’t find enough activities to keep their kids from getting bored. When boredom hits an all-time high or it becomes too hot for outdoor play, TXU Energy has us covered with bright ideas for our kids this summer.

Lesson plans on the sun and photovoltaics, energy quizzes, puzzles, science experiments, and educational videos are just some of the fun stuff you’ll find. The pizza box solar oven definitely sounds like a great activity for our hot Texas temps. No mama wants to ditch learning in the summer, and TXU Energy has helped provide a perfect mixture of fun and learning!

“The new energy activity hub for kids shares bright ideas for kids about electricity and conservation. It includes videos showing simple ways to save energy and money at home, a number of riddles, puzzles and quizzes and an at-home energy audit for kids to help them find out just where families are wasting electricity around the house. It includes curriculum about solar energy, lesson plans for teachers or parents and a number of interactive activities. It also provides a how-to guide for building a solar oven out of a pizza box and science fair project ideas.”

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According to the ERCOT Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy (SARA) for summer 2012, the weather in Texas will be warmer and drier than the 15-year historical average but less extreme than 2011. And, if ERCOT calls for conservationduring summer afternoons this year, TXU Energy advocates using an unplugged, fully charged laptop or tablet device to access the online activities during peak electricity consumption hours between 3 and 7 p.m. For more energy savings tips, go to You can also take the While You Were Out quiz and watch the Energy Thieves video to see even more ways to conserve electricity during the extremely hot Texas summer.

To keep education on the forefront of your kid’s minds and provide a reprieve from the hot afternoons, be sure to check out all the great resources available from TXU Energy!

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