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Boy’s Baseball Easter Basket

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use some cute ribbon on a project for my little boy.
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An Easter Basket was the perfect excuse. I used one of the baskets that I decorate with, but I didn’t want to commit to a baseball basket for the whole year. Nothing on this Easter basket is permanent, and it wouldn’t be hard to take apart or ruined. If you are making a basket just for Easter I would recommend going the easy route and hot gluing everything.




Hot glue


Needle and Thread


1.Melt the edges of any ribbon you will be using to keep them from fraying.

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2.Start with the Easter basket handle. Feed the ribbon(s) underneath the top layer of wicker and back under once or twice to keep the ribbon in place.

3.Now wrap the ribbons around the basket handle, very tightly. Tuck them under the wicker on the other side, and around and back under again to keep them from pulling out too easily. Trim any excess ribbon off.

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4.Measure the length that the ribbons should be around the basket, and cut the ribbons to that length. I layered two ribbons. They are hot glued together, but very lightly.

5.Cut out your felt and hot glue the pieces together. Mine was done free hand but a google search would find a great template. You could also buy something instead, such as a felt, foam or wood cut out that was premade.

6.Hot glue your felt baseball to the top edge of your ribbon.

7.Wrap your ribbon around the basket. Use a couple of pins to keep it in place. Use your needle and thread to tack your ribbon (and felt baseball) in place.

To take apart the basket after Easter it should be easy to clip the thread and pull it out, and to pull out the other ribbons with a needle or pin.

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I enjoyed doing something a little cutesy for my little boy! Do you ever get to do cute projects for your boys?


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