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BOOnana Pops

There’s something about crisp weather and the sight of black and orange that sends my sweet tooth into a frenzy.
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Halloween is by far my favorite holiday but with a 6 yr. old daughter and toddler son I have to set a good example (well, at least while they’re awake) and keep the sugary treats to a minimum.

I found this super easy and festive treat from that I had to make right away. The recipe called for 4 ingredients and hardly any time to put together. I started by halving a banana and inserting  a Popsicle stick into each half. I was going for a bigger ghost pop instead of the mini ones the girls from Super Healthy Kids made. Next, freeze the bananas till firm-took about 30 minutes- this made dipping the pops easier in my opinion. I dipped the frozen pops in Organic Vanilla yogurt and rolled each in Coconut, I was going for a finer texture so I did blend the coconut before rolling.  Top with two chocolate chip eyes and a booing mouth and you have a healthy after school treat! My kids went crazy for these and have already been asking  me to make more, I can feel better about letting them indulge in candy Halloween night knowing I gave them something healthy and still fun throughout the month!