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Bobbing for apples

Bobbing for apples is a halloween tradition that I enjoyed so much as a child

Of course, way back when I was a child (in those dinosaur days) the kids used to bob for apples in a giant bucket filled with water. Whether they were sick or not, runny nosed or not, they stuck their heads in the water in unison and tried to bite the apples and lift them out of the water first. I couldn’t wait to have my kids do this at their birthday party I recently had in October, when I noticed that some moms weren’t so hot on that idea. I guess the idea of having their children stick their heads in a pit of localized spit and boogers didn’t appeal to them.

I was not willing to give up on my idea so quickly, so I decided to run over to target and buy a bunch of the $1 buckets, which were to be used as their goody bag/bucket as well! During the party, we filled each individualized bucket with water and apples, and let the games begin!

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The kids shot their heads into the buckets and tried to bite the apples. Whoever lifted their head out of the water first, with an apple in the mouth, was the winner! It was a lot of fun, and a great way to prevent the cross contamination of God knows what. I believe it is a game that they are not likely to forget for a long time, and a great way to add some fun to your halloween party or any party!

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