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Blue Angry Bird Beanie

Blue Angry Bird Beanie
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At the Halloween store, my mom ran across an angry birds beanie and said that she would wear something like that for Halloween. I told her not to buy it because we could make it. (Meaning I would be making it for her and she could buy me more crafting stuff 😉

I made this the way I made my son’s snowman beanie last year. It started off as a hat made from the adult size knitting loom. The instructions that come with it or that are on their website are easy to follow, so I won’t go into detail about those, I’ll just start from after the hat is made. (You could buy a cheap store-bought beanie too!)


Blue Beanie

Felt Scraps: Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Black


Blue Embroidery Thread




Find an image of the blue angry bird, or visit this website to learn how to draw the blue angry bird.

Start with the white felt and cut out an oval. Cut the oval in half.

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Next cut out the black. Line it up with your white, so that it’s the same length, and cut out a shape that is almost like a “b.” You need two of the same of these.

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With the orange, cut out two smaller circles.

With the yellow, cut off a corner. Round the edges out a little bit.

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For the next piece of the yellow, cut an “L” and round out the space between the cut edges. It should be wide.

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Cut a squished “D” shape out of the black.

Cut a very small “D” shape out of the red.

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Position all of your pieces over something that you can glue over. Glue any pieces that overlap.

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When your glue is dry lay the pieces on your hat, and pin them down.

Loosely stitch the pieces of the angry bird’s face to the beanie. It should still be able to stretch enough for someone to wear.

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There you have it, a cute angry bird beanie for Halloween or any cold occasion. Just hope that you don’t see any green pigs or you might find that you have a headache later.

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