Best Birthday Party Idea Ever

I made a big mistake last month and told my four year old too early about her friend’s upcoming birthday party.
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It was a princess party and Ariel was going to be there.  She cried every day until the party, insisting I was wrong and the party was really on “this day!”

When it really was the day, Ariel did not disappoint. My friend Janice had hired her to come through a company called A Princess Party. Ariel took care of everything including the food, cake, games and craft.  She was patient, sweet, adorable and had lots of great stories to tell about Flounder and Eric.  I thought she was seriously as good as any princess we’ve ever stood in line for at Disneyland. (She has friends like Spiderman, Captain Jack and Toy Story’s Woody that can come throw parties too.)

I am a big fan of do-it-yourself birthdays. My favorite website resource is birthdaypartyideas. But after throwing some 36 or so birthday parties, I don’t mind the thought of having a princess come over to give me a hand. (If only I could have one come to throw the party and the another come to clean the upstairs . . . )

Ariel said that sometime this year, Rapunzel might be on the party tour. This would be a dream for my four year old who can’t get enough of Tangled. Between us, I’m scheduling Rapunzel in for birthday number five in December. But I think I’ll wait and tell my daughter the night before. Or maybe make it a surprise. It would definitely be too much to wait for.