Baby Shower Ideas for the Milkaholic

My only sister just had a baby and we threw her a “Milkaholic” baby shower to celebrate.
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I found all of my baby shower ideas at Hostess With the Mostess. It is the mecca-site if you need help throwing a party.

There is no way I can compete with Hostess With the Mostess, but I can do my own homemade version of their incredible-ness.  It seems from browsing the parties on their site, the heart of the decor and theme is centered the main food table. Here is their fabulous display:

I love the banner. I love the black and white treats. I love the clean, modern look.

My sister’s baby shower was on a much smaller scale, but the photos from Hostess with the Mostess were a spring board to help us throw our own little party. Instead of decorating the whole house, we focused on one center food table.  The cow print table cloth is my favorite. It is actually made of flannel and was a souvenir baby blanket for my little nephew.

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Hostess with the Mostess didn’t discuss baby shower games, but since this was a family shower, we played it up with the kids and had a milkaholic bottle drinking contest. 

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We also hung a black curtain and made our own “Got Milk?” ads.

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We thought we were hilarious.

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My favorite part of the shower, however, was my gift. (Is that terrible?) I bought a bookshelf from IKEA and filled it with board books I collected from thrift stores. If you’re willing to spend a little time, you can find awesome, barely used board books that can easily fill a baby’s book shelf. I am in love with how it turned out.

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I am also, by the way, in love with my new nephew. He is all sparkly and beautiful and definitely worth throwing a party for!