Baby’s First Christmas

This is our baby’s first Christmas.
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Our first was a January baby, so she was a lot bigger at Christmas time. If you have a little one, it’s nice to somehow capture their first holiday season and to have something to look back at when they’re old enough to drive a car (or to drive you nuts). Here are some ways to remember this special time.

  • Christmas tree photo: Take a photo of your little one in a basket under the tree or on a pretty blanket. If they are old enough to sit up you can place them in a gift box or bag and have them peek out. This is best done with daylight, not in the evening.
  • One hour video: If you have a video camera, shoot some footage of the highlights of the baby’s first Christmas. Even simple things like dressing, bath time, and feeding will bring a smile to your face watching it several years from now.
  • Sign it: Create a little sign with either the baby’s age in months (I am 2 months old!) or the date (like 01.01.2012) and take photos of the baby holding it.
  • Time capsule: Make a time capsule to open in ten or twenty years with the baby’s clothing that they already grew out of, their footprints, tiny socks, and newborn hat from the hospital. Write a little note about what you think and feel or address it to your baby that will be grown up when the box is opened.
  • Make a Cake: Bake a cake and place as many candles on it as the number of months of your baby’s age. Before you eat it, capture it in photos or video of course. Try this Bundt Cake recipe.
  • Hire a professional: Taking your own photos is great of course (and free), especially if you have a good eye and a good camera. Sometimes though things are best left to the pros. We had a photo session for baby T when he was just 5 days old (above) and the results are way better than anything I could have come up with.
  • Pick a prop: Find a spot in your home or a prop (a piece of furniture or fine millwork for example) that isn’t going to change for the next few years. Take a photo of your baby (or babies) in the same spot every year at Christmas time. You can gradually make a photo wall of these images collected over the years or print them all at once after ten years and gawk at how incredibly fast they grow up!