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Autumn Baby Shower Ideas

I’m working on a Sugar And Spice baby shower for next month and I’ve come across so many fun ideas!
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Some of you may have an autumn baby shower in the works,  so I’ll share a few of the fun ideas we’ll be incorporating.

I found these sweet invites too late! They are a free download from Wedding Bee.

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Decorating for a autumn shower is easy;  just bring the outdoors in! These ‘baby’ pumpkins from Sugar And Charm are a must. Use branches for centerpieces and hit up the craft aisle for fake leaves and scented pine cones.  I’m not a fan of using pine cones from outdoors, no matter how long I leave them tied up in a bag, all the critters do not die and show up on my table.

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Since it is sugar and spice we are going the down the sweets road serving sweets, cider and hot chocolate. These pumpkin spice latte cupcakes from Annie’s Eats and I love how The Wedding Chicks displayed their donuts and cider.  I have similar bottles, so I’m torn between using them or going with cider bottles.  I love how these cider bottles from 100 Layer Cake are presented! It’s so easy to turn plain bottles into a special treat just by adding a label and a ribbon accent.

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I’m no fan of traditional baby shower games like measuring mama’s belly or what candy is in the diaper, yikes! One of the most clever ideas I’ve found is the Guess The Spice Game from Anthologie Press.  Another great way to keep guests entertained is with crafts.  From decorating onesies to items for the baby’s room, the MTB will know they were made with love.  Wiley Valentine’s baby mobile station is pure genius! Guests decorated pieces that will become part of a mobile.

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Utterly Engaged’s pumpkin spice cappuccino mix will make great prizes for our games.

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I’m in all shades of love with A Subtle Revelry’s caramel sea salt ornaments, what a fun and different idea as a thank you.   They totally remind me of my milk shot ornaments…just add milk and a straw.  But when I saw this idea from Magnolia Rouge, I knew we had to do it.  We will be hanging our cookies and small tea bags from my manzanita branch as our thank yous.

Are you planning an autumn themed event? What great finds have you discovered?