Atlanta To-Do List

I’ve lived in Metro Atlanta for three years.
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I’ve lived here for three years and have never seen some of the city’s best attractions. Last week was the first time I’d been to Centennial Olympic Park for goodness sake! There’s something wrong with that! I should not be a tourist in my own city! So, I’ve devised a list of a few things I really want to visit very soon.

  • Georgia Aquarium – Alright, I’ve visited the aquarium, but only once and it was not a pleasant experience for the msot part. Mostly because my kids were too young to really appreciate the amazingness of it all. This is the world’s largest aquarium for goodness sake! My children absolutely love animals and sea creatures (thanks Diego) so this is perfect for them now that they’re big enough to behave for a bit. (Note to self: Never take a baby and a toddler to the aquarium and expect to have lots of fun….it’s not going to happen)
  • Fernbank Museum of Natural History – I love this kind of stuff, so I really want to make my way to Fernbank. I just know my girls would lovethe Giants of the Mesozoic exhibit. Dinosaurs awe them. Their favorite thing about the Atlanta airport is the giant Yangchuanosaurus skeleton in the atrium. Plus, Fernbank is opening a new children’s exhibit next year that sounds absolutely awesome!
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden – I can’t really explain why I want to visit the botanical garden…I guess it’s just a sense of natural beauty that I want to explore. I think I’ll try to get the kids and hubby there next Spring. I’m really excited because I just found out they have a children’s garden so it’s not just a stuffy garden for the girls…it’s a real fun experience!
  • Tellus Science Museum – This one’s not exactly in Atlanta, but some of the best parts of Atlanta are outside of the city. This museum is tucked away in Cartersville, GA (about an hour north of Atlanta) and features some really amazing exhibits. I’ve been told that the Gem Panning and Fossil Dig are kids’ favorites, so I look forward to taking my girls up there to do that. On top of it all, my dad lives in Cartersville, so it’s not like I have no reason to go that far north. Also, Tellus is listed in the Bank of American “Museums on Us” program so I can get free admission during the first weekend of every month.

There are, of course, so many other things to see in and around Atlanta, but these are my top priorities. I need to build some character and knowledge into my children and these are the greatest places to do just that. The nightlife will have to wait until my kids are grown.