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Arizona Spring Training Guide 2014

Arizona Spring Training Guide 2014
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Spring Training in Arizona attracts people from all over the country who want to watch their favorite teams in warmer weather to escape the cold.   You will see a lot of retirees and people on vacation flocking to the games.  However, this is a perfect opportunity for those of us who live in Arizona (including those who don’t live in the valley) to introduce our kids to the sport and do it much cheaper than it would be on the teams’ home turf.  Our son has never seen the Dodgers in their stadium in LA (and probably won’t until that stadium situation is fixed), but he has seen them quite a few times here and even has been given a ball by a player!

If you have the time, stop by and watch them practice on the practice fields.  That is a great opportunity to get signatures from the players or even pictures of players with your kids.  It also shows your kids that hard work is a part of playing sports and even professional players must continue to practice once they make the big leagues.  And their excitement can be contagious! The players love giving balls to little kids and taking pictures with them.  For many, this is their favorite part of spring training.

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If you have little ones, the best seats in the house are the non-seats on the grassy knoll.  You can roll your stroller or wheelchair onto the grass and spread out a blanket.  I usually bring bubbles, snacks for the kiddos, hats, sunscreen, and a little catcher mitt for my son.  It’s a great way to deal with restless kids without having to get up out of a seat (disturbing an entire row) and it is cheaper than a seat!  I’ve compiled a list of the places in Arizona you can go to for Spring Training.  I recommend that those outside the valley make the journey to expose your kids to quality baseball without having to board a plane!  Check each website for specific information about the stadium and fees as they differ per team and day playing.  Here they are!

Oakland A’s-Phoenix

Milwaukee Brewers-Phoenix (AKA Maryvale)

Chicago White Sox-Glendale

Los Angeles Dodgers-Glendale

San Francisco Giants-Scottsdale

Arizona Diamondbacks-Scottsdale

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Enjoy this time of year outside with your family on the grassy knoll!

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