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Arizona Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break is almost here and you still don’t know where to go!
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What if you don’t want to spend too much money and flying is out of the question?  How about a road trip for an Arizona Spring Break?  I have compiled a modest list of things that your family would enjoy doing and is also special needs friendly.

Montezuma’s Castle National Monument – This is a great historical stop for families.  It’s ADA accommodating and special needs children love looking at the ruins.  It’s a great short walk and there is plenty of wildlife around.  When we were last there, there was a lizard sunning itself on a rock.  The special needs adults that we were with us thoroughly enjoyed it and my son loved looking at the lizard.  It’s a small fee to enter the park, but it is worth it.

Tombstone -It’s a little bit of trek to get to this site, but history buffs and kids who love a good shoot out will enjoy this town.  Pretty much all of the attractions have some sort of fees associated with them, but it is worth it.  Be prepared if you have wheelchairs or strollers for some rough terrain but it wasn’t too bad once you get used to the wooden walkway.  Most of the events are ADA accessible in some capacity.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum -This is a great museum for kids as it explores the various creatures that live in the habitat.  The terrain is a little rough as most of it is outside on an unpaved walkway, but they have made everything pretty much ADA accessible including the restrooms.  If your child has never seen Arizona wildlife up close, this is a great place for it.  Tucson also has other great activities, so this could be one day on your trip.

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Rawhide – This is a cute and quaint 1880s town replica.  It was an amusement park when I was a little girl and was moved to this location.  It’s free to go, but be prepared to pay for the attractions.  It isn’t paved, so the walkway isn’t always flat.  They have a stage coach ride, train ride, petting zoo, and several shows on the main street that demonstrate how wild the wild west really was back then.  It really isn’t an all day event, but if you needed a quick stop along your way to Tucson this is great.

Flintstones Bedrock City -For those of you who remember The Flintstones, this is a cool town that is a replica of the cartoon city.  I remember going to this when I was young and on our way to the Grand Canyon.  It’s not going to be your top of the line amusement park, but it’s a quaint and quirky stop for your kids.  Not everything is ADA compliant, so be prepared.  If you like funny pictures with your family and a walk down memory lane, then this would be a great stop.

Dinosaur Park – This is a pretty cool park that has many dinosaurs crafted by local artists.  If your child loves dinosaurs, this is a cool park.  It’s $5 per car and you can drive through the exhibits.  It’s a great opportunity to get pictures of dinosaurs for your child’s scrapbook and it’s a fun activity for your family.

Meteor Crater -The visitor center has a myriad of activities for your family to discover about meteors and science.  You can take tours of the crater and view the crater from the visitor center.  It is ADA accessible and has an official Apollo Space test capsule.  The movie and the exhibits make it a great excursion for a family.

These are only some of the standard or quirky sites you can see in Arizona with your family.   There are a lot more out there that will accommodate special needs kids, but this is only the beginning.  Have fun on your Arizona spring break and enjoy the time with your family.  Kids grow up too fast!


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