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Are You Going Nude?

This spring season and summer, nude everything is in.
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Nude or natural dresses with pops of color, khaki, safari and tons of nude wedges with big nude bags and totes.  I think nude is a staple piece, so since it will be everywhere, stock up on it because it will never go out of style.  The most used color that sets off nude is black or denim but pairing it with red, coral and orange makes it so much more interesting.

Do you feel naked when you wear nude? Here is a list of tips on how to wear nude based on your complexion:

1.Light complexions should look for more of a rosey, pinky shade, where as darker tones can go more taupe

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2.Make sure it doesn’t wash you out or it’s not too close to your own natural color

3.Very good on very pale skin or tan skin. It just depends on the item and the intensity of the nude color

4.Combining several nude shades together, creating a graduated appearance, or entire palette of flesh and neutral tones

5.Everything from a platform strappy sandal to an open-toe mesh bootie to a natural leather clog to an embellished ballerina flat would compliment a nude ensemble


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Family Camping – Are You Ready?

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ve got Go Camping on your summer bucket list.

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New Years Resolutions? I’m going with GOALS!

This upcoming year of 2012 is set to be amazing! How do I know that, you may ask?

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I have toured a lot of spas lately in the Inland Northwest.

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This summer, go all natural (and buy local)

This summer, go all natural (and buy local)

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Fantabulous Facial! I wanted to lick my face!

At The Brickhouse Massage & Coffee Bar, a truly luxurious experience awaits you.