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Amazon Easter Bargains

I’m sure many of us grew up looking forward to Easter morning.
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My sister and I would wake up and hurry to the kitchen table where we would find our Easter baskets stuffed with all kinds of goodies, from movies to candy to toys, even clothing.  After we rummaged through our basket, it was time for a quick egg hunt for even more goodies.  Then we got all dressed up and headed to church.

Now that I’m a parent I can’t believe the number of holidays we have and all the things I am expected to buy.  I try not to go overboard, but sometimes I just can’t help grabbing things, especially when I find a good bargain!  I love to shop online and Amazon is one of my favorite places, I can always find great prices and shipping is free most of the time.  Here are a few Easter bargains from Amazon to help you get started (there are many, many more deals on Amazon, simply search for “Easter” in the category you would like to search and Amazon’s prices fluctuate frequently so hurry to grab these items at these prices).  Easter is April 24 so as we get closer we will start to see deals in stores too.

Thomas Easter Egg Car $12.68, reg $21.99

Hello Kitty Beanie Baby $4.29, reg $11.99

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It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown $11.99, reg. $19.98

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Happy Easter Curious George $4.00, reg $9.99

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