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Add Textures to Your Photos – Easy Gift for Mother’s Day

Adding textures to your photos can turn an ordinary image into a work of art.
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The following tutorial shows you how to easily add beautiful textures to your photos in Photoshop Elements or in any CS Photoshop program. Sad because you’d love to get Photoshop but just don’t have the bucks? Dry your tears because you don’t need Bambi or any other cervids–there is a free editing software, GIMP, that rivals Photoshop in almost every way (no freakin’ kidding, ask Thumper). Users (that could be you, remember F-R-E-E) can also download tutorials and a new user’s guide. The principles discussed here will apply in GIMP as well. My video time was limited so watch the video more than once if needed and refer back to this tutorial as you go along. The textures for this tutorial are available on my flickr stream. You can purchase or download free textures anywhere on the net (make sure and read the usage rights). Best of luck! Leave us a link to your artwork, we’d love to see what you come up with.