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A Royal Wedding

A Royal Wedding

To commemorate Friday morning’s Royal Wedding, I found myself:  reaching for my hat, having my hubby snap a picture of me with my coffee and Kashi waffle (in lieu of tea and crumpets) and trying to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts for their “Royal Wedding Donut” before making the drive into work. A stark comparison to Thursday night as I found myself unenthused and unable to partake in the media frenzy of this lucky couple.  Knowing I’d feel different on the wedding morning,  I am thankful that I instructed my hubby to DVR the wedding as I found myself tuning in as Princess Catherine was stepping into her awaiting carriage (post wedding).

Just as my parents and I watched Princess Diana and Prince Charles marry many years ago, I found myself passing on this tradition to my seven year old. We were transported into a fairytale wedding and hoping for a “happily ever after” ending.

Best of luck to you Princess Catherine and Prince William! I must admit (though I had reservations about this princess), I fell in love with Princess Catherine the moment I saw her in her very elegant yet understated wedding dress and tiara, smiling, and reveling in her joy as a newlywed. She’s elegant and will live up to the late Princess Diana’s memory.

– Cool Playground Mommy