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8 Things to do in Los Angeles Over Memorial Day

Need to have some family fun over the upcoming weekend?
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LA locals need not travel far; this city has it all. Bring the family and enjoy the weekend right outside your doorstep.

The park always offers a pleasant family outing. Families can check out Griffith Park, which has the observatory, or go find an area for a nice BBQ. A picnic and some park games will keep the family busy for the whole day. Get on the swings or climb on top of the jungle gym at the park’s playground. Get a basketball and work up a sweat with the kids and get some cool, refreshing drinks to finish off the day.

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Amusement Parks

Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm and smaller amusement parks litter the LA basin. Any one of these parks makes for lasting family memories.


One of the advantages of living in LA are the beautiful beaches. These offer a scenic and cheap way to get out of the house. Enjoy the sun, play in the water, build a sandcastle and the list goes on and on.

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National Parks

LA is not known to have any famous national parks, but there are many to enjoy and explore around the mountainsides, forests, and desert only a couple hours away.

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Museums always have special events going on, especially during a big weekend like Memorial Day weekend. Have fun and learn with the kids. With tons of museums like the Norton Simon Museum, The Getty Center and The Natural History Museum; there are plenty of options for the family to choose from.

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LA Zoo

Visit the zoo and enjoy spectating the various animals. Memorial Day events should help keep the kids entertained and expand the day at the zoo.


Get a Dodger dog or watch Albert Pujols hit a homerun. LA hosts two baseball franchises that let fans enjoy the outdoor games. In addition, there are some lesser-known minor league teams in the area. These games offer the same level of excitement as the major teams. Grab some hot dogs for the kids and maybe catch a souvenir for yourself. Can’t beat cheering on your home team.

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Old pastimes are sometimes the best pastimes.  Many kid-friendly movies are released during the Memorial Day weekend. Of course, families can also spend some time indoors watching a new film that is fun for the whole family.


Just enjoy the weekend at home with the kids.  Have fun by setting up activities or just relax and remember what family is all about.

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