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5 Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Finding it hard to find new and exciting gifts for your husband every Christmas? We know the feeling.
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Which is why, here at the Men’s Gift Store, we go to great lengths to bring together a large selection of Gifts for Men. That way, you can be sure that whatever your husband’s hobbies or interests, you will find that unique gift here that shows him how important and loved he is! Here are our top five picks for Christmas:

Get personal

Somehow, a personalised Christmas gift always adds a nice touch and shows that you have the recipient firmly in mind. Why not treat him to a beautiful Men’s Personalised Luxury 13″ MAC Book Case? The case is made from genuine leather in a masculine dark-brown hue with soft cushioning inside, to protect the laptop against bumps and scratches, and fasten securely with a zipper. It also boasts extra storage room with a pocket at the front. With up to 4 imprinted initials, this is a thoughtful and gift he will treasure, and it is also available in iPad size.

Turn him into a smoker!

No, this is not some irresponsible advert for cigarettes; we mean the smoking of food to add delicious flavours. With a Wood Chip Smoker Box, your hubby can extend his range of BBQ skills and impress the family and guests with his culinary prowess. Made from brushed stainless steel, the wood chip smoker box is suitable for barbecue aficionados of all ages. Wood chips are available in great flavours including Maple and Hickory – ideal for adding to meat – while fruit woods like apple and plum will give a mild flavour to fish or poultry.

Give him a gadget

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Why watch video’s, film clips and photos on a small screen when you can project them onto the wall? If your man is a fan of taking pictures or viewing movies on his phone, he will love this simple but ingenious gadget that is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones up to 80 x 160mm, including the iPhone 6 Plus. The Luckies Smartphone Projector provides instant entertainment in one compact, cardboard box. As long as you have a smartphone and a wall, you can now project images anywhere, anytime!

Let him escape

We all know that life can become a bit of a drudge, so why not offer him an afternoon or evening doing something completely different? Treat him to an Escape Roomexperience, where he and 2 friends can go on a fun, educational, exciting and seriously addictive journey! They will have to work together as a team – testing their wits, getting creative and problem-solving their way to freedom. Available in various locations across Australia, this is a truly a gift with a difference. Lots of other experiences, such as Cooking classes, Wine tastings, and Beer tours, are also on offer.

Tickle his taste buds

If your partner loves a “wee dram”, as they say in Scotland, then why not treat him to his own gift of an award-winning, velvety-smooth 10-year-old Single Malt? The Ardberg Quadrant Whisky Pack includes a 700-ml bottle, beautifully paired with two branded glasses to create a stunning gift pack. The Islay whisky has a unique, slightly smokey flavour and a complex and deep blend of aromas, and will be treasured by every whisky connoisseur.

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Of course, this is just a very small sample of the many great and unique men’s gift ideas on offer at the Men’s Gift Store, so browse the range to find a truly unique and quality gift that you know he will adore. Australia-wide delivery (free on orders over $99) means you can choose his Christmas present from the comfort of your armchair, and get it delivered to your door!


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