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28th Annual Model Train Show in Plano

For Christmas this year, we bought Jack his first “real” train set.

A step up from Thomas and friends, but still several steps below a fancy train set, the plastic Lionel Polar Express train set has taken up a permanent residence on our family room floor.  It is Jack’s most treasured possession (today, anyway).

The Lionel train fascination isn’t a new one in this family.  My dad has several wooden trunks of Lionel trains, many of them more than sixty years old.  When visiting California in November, he brought out the trunks to let Jack play with the trains.  Jack was in toy train heaven.  He couldn’t get enough!

The 28th Annual Model Train Show, held by the North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs, is coming to Plano January 19th-20th, and I’m definitely going to be taking Jack!

I can’t wait to take him to the train show – there are going to be how-to clinics, operating layouts, and over 200 vendor tables.  Surely, something for train lovers of all ages!

The show takes place on January 19th from 10AM-5PM and January 19th from 10AM-4PM, and is located at 2000 East Spring Creek in Plano. You can find more details on the North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs website.