2013 White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery Opens Feb. 21

Mark your calendars to sign up for the White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery.
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The online lottery will open on February 21, and close on February 25. All results will be available March 1.

The annual event is held the Monday following Easter Sunday. This year it will be on Monday, April 1, on the South Lawn of the White House. Children ages 13 and under are invited to participate, along with their families.

Signing up is free, but you must have an account with recreation.gov.

We signed up to participate last year, but sadly weren’t chosen. I’m crossing my fingers that this year will be different. I still have a few items on my DC Bucket List (to do before we move, if ever), this being one of them.

The Easter Egg Roll seems like picturesque Washington D.C. in the spring– right up there with cherry blossoms and 4th of July. It’s the largest event held annually at the White House– featuring live entertainment, cooking demonstrations, sports, and the Easter Egg Roll.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the other items still on my DC Bucket List? To tour the Capitol Dome, to eat at The Inn at Little Washington, to tour the West Wing and to eat at the hamburger stand in the center of the Pentagon. That last one being somewhat of a joke with my husband. But seriously, I want to go to there.

2013 White House Easter Egg Roll Facts

  • Event will be held Monday, April 1, on the South Lawn of the White House
  • Online Lottery is open February 21-25. Winners will be notified March 1. Sign up here.
  • One application permitted per household. Tickets are free, but limited.
  • If you don’t get selected to participate, you can still purchase a commemorative egg here.
  • For more information, visit here. A history of the event is available here.