2013 Holiday Gift List: Toys, Toys, Toys!

Toys. Your house is about to be filled with more of them.
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We’ve rounded up a few ideas that you might like just as much as them. Choose wisely!


Pottery Barn Toy Kitchen Appliances

Because really, they are darling.

Calico Critters

They’ve made a big comeback, but they still remind me of the 80’s. Simpler times . . .

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Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug

These things seem to make everything around them look better, even your garage.

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Playskool Showcam

The perfect camera for your less coordinated children. It’s a sturdy little piece of equipment for your budding photographer!

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Baby Alive

Baby Alive is great, but really, it’s all about the doctor accessories.

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Y Fliker Wheel Scooter

Your little people move this scooter by moving their hips from side to side. Shake what your mama gave you!

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Roller Derby Girls Roller Star Skates

Holy cats. I want a pair for myself.

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Nerf N Strike Elite Centurion Blaster

It’s kind of a big deal. And a big Nerf blaster. It’s also top on my sons list so it made it on this big list.

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Simon Says

Because it’s nostalgic, and fun.

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Always a winner, no batteries required.

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Star Wars Thumb Doodles

We had to throw at least one Star Wars themed gift in here. Look at the little Darth Vadar and Yoda fighting. Can you resist this? No.

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Spice up your existing Lego sets with these removable stickers! This would be the cheaper alternative to the 2 million dollar set your child has been eyeing.

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Hobby Horses from Mamas and Papas

Hobby Horses are one of my all time favorites. They are basic, they foster great imaginative play, and these ones have great fabric.

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Bobbin Rocking Horse

Here’s a classic that is not only a cush toy for the little ones, but it will also look good in your house. A bonus.

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Olli Blocks

These blocks are adorable and kids love them. We’ve got a set out on our table and kids can’t resist them.

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A Maze and Marbles

These mazes keep little hands busy for a long time. I think the noise of the marbles moving down the wood puts kids in a hypnotic state. Which I’m cool with.

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DIYPlay TeePees (or check out the TeePee Guy if you don’t have the time to make one yourself)

I basically think these things are great visual impact on Christmas morning, along with the fact that it’s a gift that encourages creative play.

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Happy hunting!