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2012 To Do List

I do not like resolutions.
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I just don’t make them. How is a ‘To Do List’ different? It is, because I said so. I just find it less intimidating since I deal with those daily. These are resolutions in actuality, but I am not obligated to keep them! You can learn how to keep resolutions from Carina, I am only sticking to 1 and 5 of her recommendations (that’s all I can handle). If I post it here, at least you can keep bugging me about it throughout the year.

  • Browse less, blog more: Perhaps every blogger’s time management nightmare (or maybe it is just me?). I need to be reading a little less and writing a little more, in turn I would have more time to spend with the kids because I wouldn’t be scrambling to get posts written in time.
  • Have more dates with my husband: With two kids, this will not be as easy as it used to be. Our youngest is a month and a half and we’ve managed to squeeze in a date, he slept right through it and our toddler was with grandma.
  • Unsubscribe from all emails that I do not care for: I find myself deleting about 40% of my mail without even reading it – it shouldn’t even be in my inbox (aside from blog review and advertising inquiries). That will buy me some time!
  • Cleanthatcloset and donate/sell as much clothing as possible: Everyone has one of those closets, unless you’re super mom.
  • Find a local farm to buy meat, eggs, and veggies from (maybe join a CSA?): It always seems like this will never happen despite my best intentions. I just need to convince my husband this would save money, so unless I can do that, it is not realistic for us. The least I’ll do is find a more affordable farmer’s market in this area.
  • Actually print photos and/or photo books: I don’t know any mom who doesn’t wish she printed more photos of her kiddos as they grow!
  • Dust more often: Among other things related to cleaning, this one is big because we live in an old home that seems to have an insane, never ending amount of dust. Everywhere. Even two minutes after I’ve dusted. This past year I sort of gave up, time for combat. Maybe with the help of some air/dust filters, any recommendations?
  • Go to thebeachmore: Come summer, less work more beach! Who’s with me?!
  • Ask for help more: I tend to be the mom who wants to do everything herself. I’m not changing any time soon. But I think it is time for a little more sleep overs for my toddler and a little more time with grandparents who love the kids dearly. I need to do this so that I can get some of these things crossed off the ‘to do list’!
  • Raise my voice less at my toddler: Poor thing just went through the shock of acquiring a baby brother, I need to be more gentle with her. I find myself raising my voice much too often at silly things she does.

Of course these are just some things on my ‘to do list’, it could go on forever I’m sure. There is only so much you can do in one year, right? I gave birth to a little human last year, so this year I plan to take it easy and enjoy as much time with the kids as I can while they are little!

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