13 White Elephant Gift Ideas

Heading to a White Elephant party this year?
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Prepare yourself for some good laughs with these crazy and practical white elephant gift ideas!

Our neighborhood rules include a 50/50 rule – half the gifts are gag and the other half are nice. I won’t color your opinion on which type you’ll find below. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

A collection of lotion bottles, used or new…lotions and candles tend to multiply themselves in my cupboard. Share the scents.

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DIY Swine Flu Vaccine Kit (1 rubber chicken + 1 pack tissues + 1 bottle hand sanitizer)

Pack of rechargeable batteries with a (Toy Not Included) note

A box of chocolates, all cut in half, or a bite taken, or donuts with a bite out each.. you get the idea.

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Jaime’s got a list that includes Bacon Soap for your favorite vegetarian.

Emergency Underpants (because they really do come in handy)

A stack of your old CDs – I’d be willing to share Young MC and George Michael. Oh wait, those were on cassettes.

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Jersey Shore Christmas Ornaments – Because some things really do become collectibles. Six seasons was just a few too many and the real Jersey shore has been remodeled thanks to Sandy. Oh, p.s. these are probably out of the $10 gift range now.

Sock Puppet Kit : A bag of unmatched gym socks + the extra button cards + instructions

A giant calculator

Old college text books – Tax Code c.1996 anyone?

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Frame a picture of your favorite celebrity and autograph the front.

The best gifts are hiding in your house right now. Useful, practical, or a complete joke – up to you!

What are your favorite white elephant gift ideas?