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10 More Summer Fun Ideas for Kids – free or almost free!

10 More Summer Fun Ideas for Kids – free or almost free!
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My other post about savoring the simple activities of summer got me thinking about other things to do as a family for free or low cost fun this summer (actually almost year round for some of them). Here are another 10 ideas to get you going. I’m planning to do most of them myself. Most of these summer fun ideas are just too good to miss out on. Kids grow up fast and summers are short. Enjoy!

Play flashlight tag.  What a great way to end the night on a beautiful summer day.  Stock up on a few flashlights and have fun!  I let the kids wear glow sticks on necklaces too for more glowing lights.

Have a yard sale or lemonade stand. Nothing like letting the kids sell off their old stuff for a bit of a cash stash. And what kid doesn’t love running a lemonade stand?

Have a family slumber party.  Why not lug, I mean carry, up sleeping bags and camp out in the backyard with the kids? If the thought of bugs puts you off, invest in or borrow a tent or just consider having one in the living room like I do (yep, we don’t like bugs much around here).  Movies, popcorn and lots of family giggles.

Go ice skating. A nice break from the heat, chill off at an indoor rink for a day of slip-sliding fun.

Head out to a local concert. Many towns have free concerts, even libraries do. Even if the kids don’t know the music or band, it’s extremely fun to pull up the lawn chairs or blankets and listen and dance to music under the open sky!

Get wet! What better to do on a hot day right? Even if you have a pool at home, consider taking the kids for a day at a local spray-ground park or town pool with slides.

Take a train ride. Even a train ride to nowhere. I’ve yet to meet a child who doesn’t LOVE trains! So hop on, go a few stops, or to a town where you can walk around, and let the getting there and back, be the highlight of the day.My kids all LOVE train rides and to tell the truth, the break from driving and traffic is quite enjoyable for me.We love to take the train into NYC or out to Greenport.

Speaking of NYC, hit up a free attraction like Sony Wonder Lab, walk around Central Park or just window shop and people watch. My favorite souvenirs from NYC are the caricatures we had drawn on the street for 10 bucks! While you’re there, visit Toys-r-us or FAO Schwarz. The kids will love the giant ferris wheel and the huge dinosaur at toys r us. Not to mention, the endless array of toys they can marvel at, play with or put on their wish lists . These stores get packed but can be so much fun. My kids know that we go to look, not buy, and are content with a pretzel  or treat from a street vendor when we leave. ( lucky me huh?)

Take a drive on the north fork of Long Island, stopping at farm stands and any shops that strike your fancy. Many of the farm stands offer small playgrounds or activities for kids while you shop. Others have animals like chickens and goats for the kids to check out. I really enjoy our drives out “to the country” (hint- bring a good DVD for the way home or let them play on the ipods-they get bored seeing the same stuff on the way home).

Make oobleck. I’m telling you, if you don’t know what oobleck is, you’re in for a treat.  No it’s not a food, it’s a GOO, with a Dr. Seuss name, and  it’s so much fun to play with. Simple to make and quite addicting.Here’s how to make Oobleck.

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