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10 Best Gifts for Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2 – May 6.
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You want to show that you recognize the hard work and dedication your child’s teacher puts into your child’s education and development. You also want to give them something special, something they will find useful. With so many options to think about, you could end up spending a lot of time scouring the internet. Save yourself some time and check out my quick list of the 10 best gifts for teachers below. (Need a printable version of this list? Find it on my blog,

Gift Cards

Overwhelmingly, teachers say they love getting gift cards. Don’t be shy about asking your child’s teacher about his or her favorite restaurants or places to shop and spend time. It will make your choice simpler and you’ll know that you’ve given them something useful. If you choose to purchase a gift card on your own, a good amount to spend is $25-$30; $5-$10 per child is appropriate if you’re going to contribute to a class gift.

A Spa Day

If you know that your child’s teacher enjoys spa time, give the gift of pampering with a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure. If you don’t know his or her favorite place, a spa not too far from the school might be just the thing for an after work pampering session.

A Book of Letters

When I was room mom for my twins’ kindergarten class, I put together a book of letters for Teacher Appreciation Week that consisted of one 8×10 page for each child to write a special message to the teacher. On the first page of the book, I pasted a class picture and I also added a head shot of each child on his or her personal page. The sweet messages from her class made the teacher’s day!

Personalized stationery

Teachers have to write a lot of notes to parents and students. Personalized stationery or note cards will add a special touch to their communications. You can easily order these items online or call your local print shop. If you don’t have a lot of time, check out a local greeting card store for monogrammed note cards.

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Magazine Subscription

Every time your child’s teacher gets a new issue, he or she will be reminded again that you value their contribution to your child’s development. If you’re not sure of your teacher’s interests, check with one of their colleagues, particularly another teacher at the same grade level. Chances are that they spend a lot of time together planning grade level lessons and have probably gotten to know each other well.

Framed Class Picture with Names

Buy a nice, matted frame to hold a photo of the whole class. Have each child sign their name on the matte in different colors. This special memory will last a lifetime.

Handmade Card

A sweet handmade card from your child that communicates why your child likes his or her teacher will brighten the teacher’s day!

Easy to Take Care of Plant

Flowers are wonderful, but a plant does last longer. Choose something that can survive without too much sunlight, as many classrooms don’t get much natural sunlight during the day. Also, avoid plants that need a lot of attention and watering to compensate for long weekends other school holidays.

Gift to the Classroom

Your teacher may have a wish list of things he or she would love to have for their classroom. You could donate a series of books or a subscription to an educational magazine to the classroom library, or provide other supplies the class needs. This is not as personal as some of the other gifts mentioned, but will be valued nonetheless.

A Heartfelt Note of Thanks from You

“Thank You–I appreciate all that you do for my child.” If your child is lucky enough to have a teacher who inspires the best within them, show your appreciation with these simple, yet powerful words. They will go a long way, especially on tough days!


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