Easter Bunting Printable

Enjoy this Easter Bunting printable that cheers "Hoppy Easter" along with a sweet troop of bunnies.
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My new house has a fireplace! With a mantle and everything!

Sadly I lack the skill-set for taking random decorations/twigs/thrift-store finds/mason jars and compiling a pleasing to the eye seasonal display.

So that means that my mantle is currently functioning as the spot where we keep the choking hazards out of reach from my toddler...now that the top of the fridge is full.

But Easter is coming, so it’s time to up my game!

Perfect timing for our designer, Juliann, to whip up this printable Easter Bunting. This will be perfect for my mantel and add a nice touch to all of the Hello Kitty legos that are currently residing up there.

Easter Bunting Printable from TodaysMama.com

Download both Easter Bunting PDF files (Hoppy Easter and Bunnies), print, cut out the circles and string them up! Tape on the back of the circle works just marvelously.

Easter Bunting Hoppy Thumb
Easter Bunting Easter Thumb
Easter Bunting Bunnies Thumb

Happy Easter!

Printables by Juliann Law for Today's Mama is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://www.faboolous.blogspot.com/.

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