Best of Halloween Round-up

You guys, our Halloween posts have been Off The Hook. We have your one-stop shop for all the best of Halloween on the interwebs.
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You guys, our Halloween posts have been Off The Hook.

We have your one-stop shop for all the best of Halloween on the interwebs. Our Today's Mama bloggers put together a bunch of great ideas this year -- from costumes and games to crafts and recipes. Create some last-minute fun today and remember to Pin some ideas to keep in mind for next year!


Color Your World - dyeing clothes to create your own costumes.


DIY Kids Halloween Costumes - Aw! I want to be a paper doll.

Pumpkin Carving 101 - carve a pumpkin in 5 kid-friendly steps.

pumpkin carving for kids

Bobbing for Apples - a revised version without the shared vat of spittle-laced water.

Don't Ruin Regular Halloween - the old way isn't a bad way, people.

Special Needs: Halloween Treats

Fun Halloween Reads - recommended Halloween books.

Pumpkin Bowling

Halloween When I Was Growing Up - looking back on simpler times and plaid pillowcases.

Do I Really Have to Dress Up?

Halloween Costumes Gone Wild - how girls & womens costumes have become [name your costume] gone slutty.

That's A Great BIG Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

I Hate Scary Movies


Halloween Party 2011

From The Smith Family

From The Smith Family

Halloween 2011: Fright Night Invites

Halloween Decor

How to Make Stuffed Pumpkin Baskets - easy, cute candy holders.

Scare Away Monsters With Solar Power - good for any time of year, but especially when monster stories are in high gear.


Halloween Wreath for Kids

Make Your Own Halloween Graveyard - "Here lies Ima Gonner."

Halloween Home Decor

3 Easy Boo-ing Ideas - giving a real treat to your neighbors & friends!

Halloween Class Party Ideas - be the star mom with these creative treats. yes, you.

Egg Carton Bat

Halloween Wall Scenes

Halloween Mantle

Pacman Garland - completely cute gaming decoration



Decorating Pumpkins with Chalkboard Paint

Halloween Window Decorations

Spider Web Frame

All Out Halloween Decor


Printable Halloween Memory Game  - Halloween-y and smart.


Printable Halloween Partyware - astoundingly easy way to make a party look awesome!

Halloween Treat Phantom Ghost Printable

Printable Halloween Bat Mobile - as in a hanging art piece, not a super hero car. just sayin'.

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary



Free Halloween Fonts 

Free Halloween Desktop and Smart Phone Wallpaper  - kind of a techie version of a printable, I think.


Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

pumpkin pancakes

Halloween Dinner Idea - yes, that's dinner served from a pumpkin. Total fun!


Tis the Season for Baking :: All Things Pumpkin - bread, pie, cookies, soup...YUM.

Halloween 2011: No Tricks, Just Treats - party food for every taste!

Mummy Hotdogs

Easy Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples

Spooktacular Halloween Drinks - party drinks for kids & adults

Ghost Punch via

Ghost Punch via

Gummy Worm Ice Cubes

My Date With A Pumpkin - easy baked seeds and pie.

Witch Hat Cookies

Candy Corn Trifle - not. even. kidding.

Frankenstein Cupcakes fas

From Megan Turnidge Designs

From Megan Turnidge Designs

Happy Halloween!


Printable Halloween Party Banner on TodaysMama

Printable Halloween Party Banner

Halloween is a blast—so many fun DIY projects, decorations, and printable Halloween party goodies are available these days. We've got a low-ink Halloween banner you're sure to love.