Why are maternity clothes so expensive?!

Maybe it isn’t the price tag that made me cringe, but the short amount of time the clothing would be worn.
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I remember being pregnant and starting to show, I couldn’t wait to find some super cute clothes to accentuate my new curves and baby bump 🙂Yet, everytime I would go shopping for clothes, I would walk out with absolutely NOTHING! I would have those horrible mornings too when nothing seemed to fit and I desperately wanted to be skinny again. Those are the days my husband would take me shopping and we would argue because he would tell me to buy stuff and I couldn’t bring myself to spend over $30 on a pair of jeans let alone a SHIRT! Let’s be real, I’m CHEAP!

First pregnancy, hardly needed anything until the last trimester. I stayed at home and made do with stretchy waistbands and I was HAPPY. Second time around, I was like a ticking time bomb….that could explode over and over again and suck all the happiness out of people around me. Besides the fact that I couldn’t button anything by my 12th week, I was also working in an office full time and I needed slacks. Well thank goodness for Belly Bands because that’s how I made it through the rest of my pregnancy and then some!

So, first off, those of you that know me know that I own a used maternity store in Utah called Honey Bump Maternity. The inspiration for opening this awesome business is obvious if you read the above paragraphs. I like to think of myself as happy, easy going, creative, trendy, and yes CHEAP!!!! I wanted to create a place where I could put all of these characteristics to work….but instead of cheap I like to think money smart and great deals🙂 My husband still says cheap. ANYWAY…If you want to dress cute for less and find the best selection then come and visit me. If you have things that you no longer need or want, then come and visit me. If you are looking for information on mommy topics such as breastfeeding and chldbirth….COME AND VISIT ME!

honey Bump Maternity-Recycled fashion for the kid in you!

If a visit is not possible then here are some great tips to create that maternity wardrobe that will be used so frequently for a very short amount of time. You WILL need some maternity items and there are so many cute styles that you can get your hands on with a little bit of hunting.

1) Dig through your friends/sisters closet. They may have something that you can borrow! Be sure to find out if it needs to be returned or if you can keep it.

  1. Hunt the thrift stores. This may sometimes be a hit/miss situation. Make sure that you are in the mood for some walking and trying things on. Leave the kids with a sitter, it makes things much easier.
  2. Check the clearance rack! Many stores are doing away with their maternity sections, but the few that still carry them can sometimes have awesome deals. I loved to search through target.
  3. Check the classifieds. There are tons of moms trying to clear out their closets every day so help them out and help yourself🙂Hit up garage sales too!
  4. Ebay BABY! You can find great deals on Ebay, there are just a few things that you need to look out for. ALWAYS check the sellers feedback. Read the description very carefully to see if there are damages to the clothing. Be sure to check that shipping charges are reasonable.
  5. I almost forgot to mention ROSS! Ross sometimes has great stuff and then sometimes the maternity rack is bare but it’s worth a try and why not visit the shoe section while your at it.
  6. Then there are hundreds of online retailers with some pretty awesome deals. The only down side to that- You can’t try anything on. I always recommend trying everything on when our expecting!

HAPPY HUNTING….don’t worry pregnancy doesn’t last forever. Like my mom kept telling me “Enjoy it!” And in my head I would say “Shut up and you be pregnant” I still love her though 😉

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