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Very Pregnant Halloween Costumes

What’s a pregnant gal to do in Salem on Halloween? Dress up of course!
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I finally found something to be excited about and look forward too as I approach my 9th month.  The protruding belly can be used as a prop.  Adding to my costume and appeal as I waddle around Salem, MA.  I might even have an advantage in one of the many costume contest…I should at the least get a few sympathy votes. If all goes according to plan we will have a few opportunities to wear our costumes this year, walking around Salem, at the Liberty Tree Mall Halloween Walk, and at two Halloween parties we have been invited too.

is my absolute favorite holiday and I can’t let this one pass me by without dressing up.  Here are some ideas that I have found… now I just have to decide which one to choose.

  1. I could go with the classic Pumpkin Belly.  Painting my belly like a pumpkin and wearing all black or all orange.  The cons to this one include painting my entire belly- I can barely reach down there anymore; and getting the paint off afterward.
  2. Another painting option, with a little less painting, is a Speed Bump Sign.  I could paint a speed bump on my belly or skip the paint all together and make the sign part of the outfit.
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  1. Painting my bump green could also add to a Mother Nature Costume.  The bump is painted green or for more clever people painted in the shape of the Earth.  The rest of the costume is green and whimsical in nature.
  2. I have seen this costume for babies before, and never thought of it as a pregnant costume.  Pea in a Pod.  I dress as a pea and yep you guessed it the baby is the pea in the pod.
  3. If you want your partner involved then this costume is for you.  He dresses as a chef with the title Bun Maker and You dress as an oven- with the title Bun in The Oven. I’m sure this costume would get a few laughs walking down the pedestrian streets in Salem.
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  1. Want the whole family involved in your costume?  How about a Shot Gun Wedding theme.  Here’s a chance for all the ladies to wear their wedding dresses (or buy a much larger white dress), your dad or older brother get’s to don a rifle and your husband well he get’s to run….
  2. Drinking is off the agenda this Halloween but I could still dress the part.  Covering my belly with a funny shirt and open flannel shirt could help me transform into a Beer Belly.  I’m sure I could muster up a few burps too.
  3. For the super brave and athletic pregnant gal (not gonna happen for me) you can wear a bikini and paint your belly like a Beach Ball …maybe if I lived in Hawaii.

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  1. The classic Pregnant Nun could also be fun if there weren’t so many religious fanatics out in Salem on Halloween.
  2. In my research of course I also found sexy pregnant lady costumes- devil, pirate, milk maid- um please is all I can say about that.

Do you have a favorite?

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