The NüRoo Pocket

The pressures of being a mom are tremendous. Are you supposed to wear this to the grocery store?

I got the mail today and was flipping through the Babies"R"Us mailer when on page three I was hit with The NüRoo Pocket.


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Let me start with saying that this woman clearly did NOT just have a baby. They need to find someone a little more exhausted looking for their next ad campaign.

According to the description in my mailer, it says that experts recommend that babies need to be held on a mother's chest skin-to-skin for one hour, three times per day. Hence the need for this $59.99 shirt.

I love snuggling with my children. My kids were strapped to me until they could no longer fit in their carriers, and my son who is 18 months old and way too heavy for one is still glued to me all day long. I get it, it's great to be close to your kids. But when I was carrying them I was also wearing a bra and not worrying that my baby was going to slide out of my shirt.

This brings baby wearing to a whole new level. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I don't really get this shirt. Do you wear this out in public? It's cute, and it looks to me like it was designed for more than just wearing around the house. Are you supposed to head to the grocery store with your naked baby in your shirt? Are you supposed to wear a bra with this shirt? Are you not supposed to wear a bra with this shirt at a time when you are potentially a little tender down there and leaking breast milk?

New moms are faced with so many pressures when it comes to doing it the supposed right way. In addition to only buying organic foods, doing food eliminations, researching green cleaning products, eliminating anything that contains a trace of BPA, green baby products, baby-proofing, the right way to put a baby to sleep, sleep-training, the right eco-friendly bottles, the right eco-friendly clothes, the safest car seat, not creating sibling rivalries, and the list goes on and on and on. And just in case you needed one more thing to get right, you'll need to buy this shirt to ensure that you can literally wear your naked baby for three hours per day. And you should probably buy more than one.

Somewhere past generations are laughing at us.

Disclaimer: This post is not directed towards any babies who need additional bonding opportunities for any variety of reasons.

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