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The Garden Party Company

When it comes to parties, I have BIG visions.
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Here’s how it breaks down.  I get a party idea, I invite probably double the people I should from a logistics perspective, and then I scramble around.  I always manage to pull it off, but somehow pulling it off means running around like a nut until 3am the night before and literally racing until ten seconds after the doorbell rings.

And then you have 35 people at your house, and you slept three hours the night before.  And you might have dirty dishes stashed in your garage.  MIGHT.

What would it be like to throw a party where you don’t need to lay on the couch after the last guest leaves?

Click here to visit The Garden Party Company website. A local company, run by two moms specializes in birthday parties for kids and adults, school parties, office parties, corporate events, tea parties and more.  Catering is available as well as specialized desserts from Lovely Little Cakes.  Lovely Little Cakes produces gluten free and allergen free cakes as well as regular cakes, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops that will leave your guests wanting more.  Even better is that 5% from each order is dedicated to the Bay Area Crisis Nursery.

Select one of their party packages and enjoy a baby shower with a personalized table menu and petite sandwiches, or throw a tea party for your girlfriends with china for ten and your very own server.  Need a face painter?  They have it.  Want a bounce house?  Which one?  Looking to limbo?  They’ve got you covered.

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