The correct way to wear a Belly Band

Belly bands were my lifesavers during my second pregnancy.
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My thighs and butt, which I don’t have much of to begin with, don’t expand hardly at all during pregnancy. I hear it all the time…”Lucky you”. Well I have to say it makes it very hard to find clothes when I’m pregnant because nothing fits. So when I found belly bands it took me a while to figure out the best way to wear them, but once I did I was hooked. I sell belly bands every day at my store and women LOVE THEM once I tell them how to wear it. Some women come in and tell me that it didn’t work for them previously, it didn’t hold their pants up…etc etc. I’m gonna tell you the right way to wear them and show you a couple different things you can use them for!

First off it’s called a Belly Band, but when you’re pregnant you DO NOT want to wear it on your belly! It makes no sense to me. It doesn’t hold your pants up AT ALL when it’s up that high and your belly only stretches it out the bigger that baby gets! I say wear it all around the hips just cupping under the belly. Make it either scrunchy or double folded for a smoother look. Either way it’s so much more support for your pants! If you’re looking for support for your belly, then you need an actual support band. Anyway here’s a pic of one of my mannequins wearing a belly band.

Now you can definitely wear it in this exact same way after pregnancy for the same effect and that layered look and if you’re going to be nursing it gets even better! I would definitely recommend that you get a couple undercover mamas, which I’ll talk about later, but if you still have those belly bands then put them to some good use. NOW you can wear it over your belly and pull it all the way up just under your bra. This still gives you that layered look but now you’ve got something to  cover your stomach and back when you lift your shirt to nurse!

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