Tall Maternity Clothes

I have a lot of women come in to my maternity store looking for tall jeans.
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I don’t keep track of the inseams on all my jeans so we have do a little digging and it can sometimes be a challenge to find a pair that are long enough. The great thing about buying used jeans is that you don’t have to guess how they will fit later. They have already been broken in, washed and shrunk on top of the benefit of paying half or even less than retail.

Well we found a great company called Mommy Long Legs. They specialize in maternity tops and bottoms for taller women! If you’re having a hard time finding long maternity jeans and tops then be sure to check them out. If all else fails, I always recommend trying a belly band with your long non-maternity jeans. You may be surprised and delighted. Read here about the correct way to wear one and have a happy pregnancy!

How To Wear A Belly Band