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Second Pregnancy Differences

I’m due with my second child, a baby boy, in less than a month.
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It’s almost comical how different things are this time around. Here’s a recap of my second pregnancy differences:

General Preparations

Baby #1: The nursery was completely set up, 2 months before my due date.

Baby #2: The new nursery will be in my current office…where I’m currently sitting, working at my computer. The pack-n-play is set up in my bedroom, where the kiddo will sleep for the first few weeks anyway, so what’s the rush?

The Birth Plan

Baby #1: I read, pondered, carefully drafted my plan in ink, reviewed it with my Doctor and tucked it into my hospital bag.

Baby #2: At no time in my life have I felt more comfortable asserting my wishes than in the throes of labor. “Sure, I’ll have that epidural now” will be an easy declarative statement.

Giving Birth

Baby #1: For months, I was wholly consumed with the fact that I was going to have to get a baby out of my body. I was scared. I thought I would feel awful after giving birth and was in no rush to get the labor party started.

Baby #2: YAHOO. Let’s get this kid out so I will feel better and can get back to moving around without grunting or having to sit down to catch my breath.

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Packing for the Hospital

Baby #1: Everything that any book ever recommended for baby was packed. I pretty much forgot that I needed to pack for myself.

Baby #2: I’ve already got my toiletries packed, complete with my favorite travel sized exfoliating cleanser, hand lotion, and shampoo. My fluffy robe and jammie pants are ready to go. The baby is also packed, albeit with A LOT less unnecessary crap. Oh, and I packed nail clippers so I can take care of the baby’s fingernails right away…no using the file for the first 6 weeks for this mom.


Baby #1: I created the perfect playlist of songs to listen to while I labored. I considered the flow of the songs, the meaningful lyrics, the soothing melodies.

Baby #2: Turns out that what I want during a contraction is SILENCE. I’ve got Angry Birds on my iPhone for between contractions.

Doctor Visits

Baby #1: Every appointment included a detailed and lengthly Q & A session.

Baby #2: My insurance changed on January 1st and I had to find a new doctor. I’m cool with that. The new Doctor is great and I’m sure she’s a pro. (Besides, the people that made the biggest difference with labor and delivery #1—the NURSES.) I’ve heard the nurses at this hospital are fantastic.


Baby #1: I worried I wouldn’t enjoy motherhood, that the day to day grind of caring for young children would bore or frustrate me.

Baby #2: Turns out, I really, really, REALLY, enjoy my kiddo and being a mom. I can’t wait to meet this next bundle of awesome and complete our family.


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