Realistic Baby Nursery Needs

Realistic Baby Nursery Needs
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Do you remember when you got married and started gazing at Martha Stewart Wedding and reading, and how easy it was to get off in the bushes about what you really wanted for your wedding? That’s kind of how baby nurseries work. Clearly, Mariah Carey goes full out in all she does, including this silk room for her twins.

You can put your baby in a used crib and have one sheet you scrub over and over, or you can spend college tuition to make a tres chic nest of designer furniture. Either way, you will barely use that room for the first two months of your baby’s life, and the more you spend on the furniture, the more likely your baby is to teeth on the wooden crib rail and make it look like a slat from a gnawed-on horse stall.

I recommend the following furniture:

  • Crib-to-toddler bed conversion. Skip the full conversion in case you have the horsey, wood chewing baby I described above. My kids were definitely in need of a new bed by age 3 (still working on that purchase for our youngest).
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  • ​Dresser with changing pad on top.
  • Diaper collection/disposal of some sort.
  • Rocking chair, small water table, and nursing stool for your feet (or one of those gliding nursing chairs if you can afford to splurge).
  • Toy corral of some sort. A credenza is a great size for toy bins. You may not need this until after the first birthday and Christmas, at which point you will drown in primary-colored plastic things.
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  • Book shelf.
  • Soft rug, to play and crawl on.
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My gender neutral nursery had everything I needed, including some cute Eric Carle prints for the wall (not pictured) and a lamp with a blue bulb, so I could change middle-of-the-night diapers without blinding us both with a bright light. Also, I don’t understand the thick quilt that comes with bedding sets. I used mine as a wall hanging.

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What do you recommend in a baby nursery?


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