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Product Review - Chicco Fun Travel Activity Nest

The fine folks at Chicco recently sent me the Chicco Fun Travel Activity Nest for our newest little peanut to try out.

The fine folks at Chicco recently sent me the Chicco Fun Travel Activity Nest for our newest little peanut to try out.

I was delighted. As my second child, he admittedly spends a lot of time reclining in baby equipment while I try to wrestle his sister into her shoes, chase her with a toothbrush, sneak up on her with a hairbrush and convince her that yes, it really is cold enough for a jacket.

He's three months old, but you might describe him as somewhat of a baby equipment snob. He'll sit in his swing without squawking for about 4 minutes and 32 seconds. His feet are already hanging off of the end of his little papasan chair, and he seems entirely unimpressed with his baby bouncer. Based upon his, ahem, persnickety opinions I wasn't entirely sure what he would think of this new little entertainment center.

After I popped him in this new toy, it became clear that he isn't a baby equipment snob, I've just been buying the wrong things. He is transfixed by this toy, and he's not the only one. I basically pass off all baby equipment and toy building to my husband, and I guarantee that he could spout off the top three things that were the biggest nightmare to build in about three seconds. The nest comes in a flat carrying case, and all you do is unzip it, and pop the toy bars up to the setting that you want. That's it. Done.

Please note the importance of the above term...flat carrying case. My car desperately wants to be in the garage. Yet it's not. It's outside wondering why it sits in the driveway, while our baby exercise saucer, tricycle, scooter, extra car seats, and much, much more take up valuable parking space. This nest folds up so compactly, you won't even need to hit up that garage.

The brightly colored mat is perfect for encouraging tummy time. He loves to lay and watch the light show taking place above his head and bat at the hanging toys. The mat is padded enough that the baby seems to be comfortable even on a hardwood floor...ours has in fact been so comfortable that he's even drifted off a time or two laying on the mat.

The only challenges that we have faced since receiving the mat are 1) getting the dog off of it as it too seems to really enjoy it and 2) getting my daughter out of it. It not only attracts babies but also canines and preschoolers as well.

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Now don't let the word travel fool you in the name of this activity center. While this toy is great for packing up and heading to the park or grandma's house, it is not meant for car usage or car seat entertainment. Leave it zipped in that nifty flat carrying case and packed in your trunk.

Please note that while I was sent this product for the purpose of a review, and deeply appreciate the extra time it has bought me to dry my hair in the morning, the opinions that I am expressing in this post are my own. Buy one!

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