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Pregnancy 2nd Time Around

AZ MAMA Pregnancy 2nd Time Around.
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We recently found out that we are expecting our 2nd child and since it has been over 5 years since I had our first son, this has been almost like starting over from scratch.  There are a lot of things that I forgot about being pregnant that might be TMI to some people, but it’s a funny look at pregnancy the 2nd time around.  These are my top 10 things that make pregnancy interesting:

1)Oh, the gaseous smell!  I forgot how much natural gas you generate when you are pregnant.  I wake up with pains in my sides and soon I am releasing that gas to the chagrin of my family and my co-workers.  When I was pregnant with our first son, I emptied an entire section of Kohl’s during the Christmas shopping rush.  I was embarrassed especially since my usually unaffected husband had to run to the door for air!

2)Don’t Mess with Me!  People sometimes don’t realize that messing with pregnant women when they have to pee can be harmful to their health.   When I was traveling to my California baby shower for our first son, we stopped to use the restroom at a fast food restaurant.  Some crazy lady started shaking my door trying to get into my stall.  I think I surprised her by yelling at her with some choice words that are usually not in my vocabulary.  Once my tirade stopped, she ended up leaving quickly along with any other person in there!

3)Oh the lack of wardrobe!  I recently pulled out my maternity clothes from last time and noticed that some had bled onto the others.  (It’s the Arizona heat!)  I also noticed how many more items I would need to help stretch my wardrobe.  I had forgotten how hard it was not to wear the same clothes every week to work since most of my clothes were now not appropriate to wear or didn’t fit.  I am sure that those who didn’t know I was pregnant were beginning to wonder if I only had those outfits that I wore every week.   Time to go shopping!

4)Feed Me! I had forgotten how much more food I actually eat while pregnant because I have to eat more often.  Yes, it’s smaller in amounts but the types of foods vary so much more than normal.  I’m on a strict dietary schedule so it makes it difficult sometimes to find the correct foods to eat at the correct times.  Our grocery bill has now gone up some as well. Being gluten free at the same time has complicated this already complicated maze of food.

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5)Where’s my money tree?  Having a baby is so expensive!  Co-pays for specialists, blood work, percentages of bills and co-pays for hospital and doctor services, along with all of the baby supplies that you might need.  Looking at our list of needs for the baby can be overwhelming along with worrying about the cost of the hospital. The new laws have made things a little more complicated for parents in figuring out the true costs of things for healthcare.

6)Can I have a nap?  I am so tired all of the time.  Who knew that such a little guy would make me so tired!  Unfortunately, I work full time and so that doesn’t allow for naps.  It makes me jealous of the stay at home moms who can nap during the day because I tend to fall asleep when I walk in the door from work.  I nap when I can on the weekends and sometimes fall asleep unintentionally at my desk.  The hardest part about no napping on the job is sitting in a 2 hour meeting where you can’t stay awake, but you have to or else you might have issues. 

7)Oh the lists! I find myself making lists normally, but the lists seem to be longer and multiply when you are pregnant.  Lists for baby showers, buying maternity clothes, getting things done in time for the baby, shopping lists for the baby, lists for the registry, and many more.  The lists keep going and I find myself making lists of the lists! 

8)Registering gone crazy!  There are so many new cool items out on the market since our first son was born, and we apparently need them all!  My husband is notorious for adding unusual items to the registry anyway, but sometimes he goes a little overboard.  Last time it was soda and video games.  This time around he has added quite a unique collection of Superhero onesies to our registry.  He was so excited to see so many available that he couldn’t wait to receive them and broke down and bought one.  Our baby will be Captain America! 

9)Naming the little one.   We didn’t have too much of an issue figuring out a name for our new baby boy.  We had decided to use my dad’s middle name since he passed away just before our older son’s first birthday and so we wanted to honor him.  Some people can’t figure out a name until after the baby is born and everyone is standing there wanting to know the baby’s name.  I don’t like to work like that.  I want to be able to call our baby by his name and not just “baby.”

10)Older Child baby envy.   Our son has had his first detectable bout of jealousy recently when we were working on the baby’s room instead of playing with him.  He was really upset to the point of tears because his aunt and grandma were helping me assemble everything and he felt left out.  We had been including him in helping us, but he wanted one on one play time.  After a little mommy and son chat, he was better and was able to not be so jealous.   It is going to be a little bit of a struggle since he’s been the only child for almost 6 years.

I am sure there are many more categories that I forgot and will slowly remember as this pregnancy continues.  But forgetting is all a part of what I call “mommy brain” when pregnant.  It is the state of forgetting what you are doing, who people are, and generally all things you need to remember.  I know there was something else I was supposed to say, but I forgot!  Have fun!


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